While Putin keeps preparing for Victory parade, Russia is dying from Coronavirus

On the background of active preparations for the victory parade in Russia, the situation with the COVID-19 has deteriorated significantly. 
Today’s statistics on the spread of Coronavirus in Russia are no surprise. I mean that the daily increase in the new cases stands at 8,779, along with 174 deaths, while the total number of cases for the whole period of pandemic is 502,436, with 8,532 fatalities. Since the quarantine was lifted, the daily number of new active cases remains in the stable range from 8,500 to 9,000. And this, frankly, where suspicions emerge as Russia has long retained a really low death rate 0.9%. It seems that the data on the new cases is artificially held within the preset limits of 8,500-9,000, which for most Russians have already turned into a certain acceptible psychological limit, the one that everyone got used to, while two months ago people would panic at any numbers exceeding 1,000.

Russians have been taught to accept this daily limit, further shaping this new norm in people’s minds by issuing similar, and fabricated, daily stats, only changing the names of regions where spikes are observed – from Moscow to some far-off outskirts.

Meanwhile, Russians are gradually coming to an understanding that the government is engaged in major criminal manipulation, so voices are growing bolder and louder, speaking of the unfolding disaster. Hospitals, medical staff — they all start speaking up…

One of the latest videos that reverberated across the country was about a girl from Karachaevo-Cherkessia, whose three family members died from corona.
In the villages of Karachaevo-Cherkessia, people die in families, not being able to get help from local authorities because the latter receive no aid from Moscow.
No wonder, really, as the Kremlin is now busy preparing for the Victory parade on June 24 under the banner of “victory over the coronavirus”, called to claim that there’s nothing threatening in going to the polls on July 1 to vote for constitutional amendments.
What the Kremlin needs is turnout as no one cares how people will actually vote. In the best traditions of totalitarian states, everyone will “unanimously support” Putin’s coronation. And then nothing else will be important anymore. “Apres nous, le deluge,” as they say…
But Russia is now seriously sick, it’s in fever, while the authorities are only making things worse for the patient, which may incidentally end bad for them, too.
After all, you can’t hide in your Novo-Ogaryovo bunker forever, right? You can hide neither from the virus nor from the coup.

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