Welcome to maniac’s feast: World leaders receive Kremlin’s invitations to May 9 parade

The latest reports have confirmed that the Kremlin sent invitations to participate in Red Square Victory Parade in Moscow on May 9 to U.S. President Donald Trump, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. As reported earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron had received the invitation long before other major leaders – and accepted it, thereby putting his allies in an extremely awkward position.
The cringy part is that Macron’s attendance with the absence of other NATO leaders would testify to disunity in the Alliance. That’s not to mention the inevitable fact that Macron will be attending the event, where representatives of illegal, in fact, terrorist groups of unrecognized “republics”, will be marching alongside Russian troops.
Roughly speaking, Macron pretty much set everyone up with his move.

On the other hand, it might as well happen that it’s Macron, who has either acted recklessly or – who knows? – revealed the level of his affiliation with Russia  will find himself in the position of the first European outcast…
Meanwhile, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas saud what everyone had long been aware of – Russia and Bashar Assad are fully responsible for war crimes committed in Syria. In particular, he noted: “Attacks on civilians are war crimes. And those responsible must be held accountable. While we are sitting here, 3 million civilians in Idlib are afraid for their lives, 80% of them are women and children.”
High tensions in the province of Idlib lead NATO to epxressing resolute support for Turkey on the path of leveling the Damascus-based dictator.
So can it be that following the Kremlin’s war crimes in Ukraine, Syria, and Libya, as well as their terrorist attacks across Europe and election meddling, world and NATO leaders will on May 9 arrive in Moscow to pay respect to Putin’s “triumph” and thus legalize his aggressive geopolitics, while at the same time contributing to legalization of armed gangs of “LDPR”, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, and adding weight to the regimes of Bashar Assad and Nicholas Maduro?
Of course, this would only convince Putin that he’s invulnerable and push him to new, more daring, more ambitious, larger-scale, and even bloodier crimes.
And therefore, in this case, international leaders, instead of wasting time thinking of how to respond to the invitation, should better work out a general strategy of pressure on black sheep Emmanuel Macron, who seems to be hurting the common agenda. There’s still time for the French leader to reconsider the move and weigh the options. After all, it’s always easier to take a step back than to step into a stinking pile of Russia narratives.

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