The ghosts of a fringe riot in D.C.

On Wednesday, Jan 6, the U.S. capital saw something previously unimaginable for a great democracy the country is. An unhinged crowd of the outgoing president Donald Trump breached the Capitol building, with scenes of looting and chaos being live-streamed across the globe in all their glory.
One could call this the climax of Trump’s fringe policies and his core electorate, but in reality everything is somewhat more complicated.
As the unrest unfolded, I’ve been observing the activity of Russian media and social platforms. From what I saw, I should say that the effort to storm the Capitol building, which was strangled as soon as the ATF SRT units arrived at the scene, has a double bottom, just like a drug smuggler’s suitcase.

I’ll start from afar.
Last year, Ukraine’s Information Navigator Analytical Group released an amazing study on Telegram channels supervised by Russia’s GRU military intelligence, formally referred to as the General Staff of Russian Federation’s Armed Forces.
I don’t know if the local security agency SBU took a note of that research, but I still use much of what’s been revealed in that investigation up to this day, tracking Russian psy-ops across the world.
Thanks to this study, operations carried out by the GRU can be easily spotted 24/7. So, as the mob was attempting to get into the Capitol to disrupt the Congress meeting set to affirm Joe Biden’s win, which was on the night Orthodox Christians are supposed to celebrate Christmas, while Russian officials are probably supposed to watch the sermon by their Patriarch-read-FSB General Kirill (aka Gundyaev), one such psy-ops was at its peak. After all, Russian media space was boiling hot from D.C. coverage.
Also, literally on the eve of the fringe riot, a number of U.S. government agencies and major corporations were targeted in cyber attacks by certain hacker groups. Recently, the U.S. security officials confirmed it was Russia that was behind most of the said attacks.
That is, roughly speaking, according to the old revolutionary principle of seizing “post offices, telephone stations, and telegraph services”, Russian hackers tested the resilience of U.S. agencies that would play an important role, including in suppressing a riot.
But let’s get back to those Telegram channels, which I mentioned above and, the information flow coming from Russia.
As if by order, all information platforms, which have already been exposed for their affiliation with the GRU, started spinning news on “popular uprising” in Washington and comparing it with the Ukrainian Maidan, commonly known as the Revolution of Dignity. Russian propaganda pundits used the TrumpMaidan template, prepared well in advance, and called the United States a third world country.
In fact, this disgraceful act had nothing to do with the Maidan. Besides, those who stood up on the Maidan (Independence Square) in Kyiv during the Revolution of Dignity never ran from police and spec-ops troops. Those who broke into the Capitol didn’t even last two hours.
The second very important point is that the feverish pace of Russian media platforms clearly revealed the psy-op supervised directly by the GRU. That is, it was military intelligence in Moscow that contributed to the destabilization effort in Washington, D.C.
Of course, some might claim that media support for such events is quite reasonable for Russia, which sees the United States as a geopolitical adversary, and Donald Trump – as an ally, and that it would be premature to talk about direct intervention. But this would be a fundamentally wrong suggestion, and here’s why.
The fringe attack unfolded including after preparations began to affirm the Electoral College votes. High-profile representatives of the Antifa group took an active part in the insurgency. This group, with multiple cells around the world, has been receiving funding from Russia, while its especially valuable assets undergo military training in Kurdish camps in Syria. If anyone still lives in a crystal castle, let me remind you that the Kurds have been Russia’s factor of influence since Soviet times that’s for more than a half century, being local affiliates on the ground for the GRU military intel.
By the way, one of the so-called opinion leaders in Russia, Boris Rozhin, even did a sort of a disservice to the GRU, exposing on social media some of the Antifa people taking part in the Capitol storming. Or perhaps, that’s for the men to be properly awarded in Moscow, who knows?
Speaking of the storming act. Plenty of videos have already emerged across social media where Russian cheers are heard in the crowd as someone is trying to break into the government building, but this is a completely different story.
It looks undeniable that the fringe attack on the Capitol was both well-plotted and supported by external forces, namely by Russia.
This explains why all those experts, journalists, or admins of Russian Telegram channels affiliated with the GRU weren’t celebrating Christmas, instead scrambling to push certain agenda and make it viral on social networks, while exposing themselves by using the same terminology and even direct copypaste – like the KlymenkoTime channel.
It goes without saying that the American security and intelligence services will look into this incident more thoroughly. But it is indisputable that there can be no talk of any cracks in the U.S. democracy, which Russian experts have been preaching all night, while some politicians in Ukraine, like a local fringe actor Liza Bogutskaya, picked up on the hype the next morning. There can be no talk of any major storm in the U.S. or anything like that. This is a circus show and that’s all. And after the election results were affirmed to recognize Joe Biden’s win in the presidential race, the circus will be forced to leave. The clowns can stay though, but the circus must go, that’s for sure.
Of course, another civil war in the United States would an ideal option for Russia, which would untie Moscow’s hands. However, these phantasmagoric dreams will remain in the Kremlin’s imagination.
But most importantly, the jumper clearly failed to assess the distance properly, so the jump may lead to multiple fractures, soon.
Let’s keep observing!

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