Sputnik V for Russia’s “lab rat” friends

In December, a number of governments that are politically, financially, or totally dependent on Russia, received a certain number of doses of the Russian Sputnik-V covid vaccine. Russian propaganda is now actively exploiting this fact as a pretext for imposing its chemical surrogate onto other countries.
For example, Argentina, a country with a population of 45 million, has already received 300,000 doses of the Russian vaccine. Serbia, a country with a population of about 7 million and which has booked 1.8 million doses of vaccine from Pfizer Biotech, also got 5,000 doses of Sputnik-V. At the same time, much more interesting is the situation with supplies to a Russian neighbor Belarus – in the context of the lack of vaccines to cover own Russian demand due to the lack of production capacity.

The point is that it remains unclear how many doses have been exported to Belarus. It is also very indicative that President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko himself refuses to get the jab of Sputnik-V, referring to own “skepticism”. Well, at least he didn’t say his age group was unfit for vaccination (we all know who did say so).
But, in general, the example is still quite showing. Indeed, while in Argentina the use of the Russian vaccine will be extremely conditional, and in Serbia – generally reduced to a minimum, to the level of clinical trials, it’s not fully known in what numbers the Russian drug will be supplied to Belarusians.
Meanwhile, back in August 2020, Russian media platforms, mainly controlled by Alisher Usmanov (who has been providing media support for the so-called Belarusian opposition), reported that an agreement had been reached between Lukashenko and Putin on testing Sputnik-V in Belarus (read: “on Belarusians”). And it looks like the process of the third phase of clinical trials has started for Sputnik-V – both in Belarus and Argentina.
But, as befits dictatorships, Belarus maintains the process behind a veil of secrecy. That’s to make sure that once patients with kidney failure or other side effects characteristic of the Russian vaccine start coming in en masse, it would be more difficult to refer to them as victims of Sputnik V’s “healing” effects.
So, as we can see, the only eager recipients of the Russian vaccine, sometimes in limited numbers, are exclusively dependent friends of the outcast and aggressor state. Moreover, Russia, it seems, sees its friends primarily as lab rats for its surrogate drug.
By the way, even Venezuela, a country completely dependent on and loyal to Russia, said the Russian vaccine would be supplied no earlier than the first quarter of 2021. Around the same period, Russian researchers intend to have completed the third stage of clinical trials.
That is, even such a puppet political system as Venezuela will wait until trials complete before opening its borders to a Russian surrogate that will have passed the entire range of tests on Belarusians and Argentines.
There’s something to think about, isn’t it?
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