Russia’s poker face in a disgusting game in PACE

In my recent piece “Russia got lured into PACE as a monkey into a cage” I noted that the Russian delegation to the European Parliament assembly spent more money to get back to the PACE session hall than it yielded efficiency from its return. After all, in fact, having wasted funds worth an annual budget of some impoverished city like Saransk (EUR 100 million), political figures on Russia’s European bridgehead failed to implement any projects they had planned.
Meanwhile, sensing a whooping for own incompetence, the Russian foreign policy detachment activated their media resources within Russia to exaggerate the importance of their extremely costly efforts in the PACE.

Nikolai Kobrinets, director of the Pan-European Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is now spinning a narrative of anti-Russian rhetoric flourishing in the PACE, claiming that “radicals and Russophobes” keep exerting pressure on the highly dignified Russian contingent.
Kobrinets’s claims were echoed by deputy chairman of the chamber’s committee on international affairs, head of the Federation Council’s delegation to the PACE, Sergey Kislyak, who noted that more of anti-Russian rhetoric would be heard in the PACE, without specifying why exactly Russia is being treated as an outcast, and without focusing on the Russian delegation’s failures.
In fact, Russia in the PACE turned out to be a “monkey in a cage.” Indeed, looking at the rhetoric of Russian officials following the PACE winter session, we see that their results are deplorable and painful for the Russian Federation. And the main justification for the total failure of Russian “diplomats” is to blame the blame some “Russophobes” and “radicals” for own mishaps, while ignoring the factor of Russia’s aggressive and inhuman foreign policies, not only in Ukraine, but across the globe.
A monkey in a cage, wielding a dummy grenade, keeps relay its impenetrable stupidity to other monkeys are listening to its speeches. The only difference is that those who are embracing the narratives, although also being locked in a cage, are holding actual, live grenades.
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