Russia forming coalition of neo-Nazi forces across Europe

On the eve of World War 2, only fascist Italy was closer to Nazi Germany than the Soviet Union, but the interests and ambitions of the two major players collided into a bloody confrontation that claimed tens of millions of lives. Meanwhile, Moscow’s genetic and historical sympathy toward nationalism and the highest manifestation of misanthropic ideology, Nazism, hasn’t gone anywhere.
The modern ideology in Russia is nothing but a hypertrophied symbiosis of Orthodoxy, communism and … Nazism. So there’s no surprise that officials in Moscow regularly receive at the highest level delegations representing a range of fringe organizations – from Taliban terrorists to separatists from various world regions (one of such recent events was entitled “Dialogue of Nations. The right of peoples to self-determination and building a multipolar world”). Members of political parties professing ultra-right views are also frequent guests in Russia.

This week, representatives of the Alternative for Germany party, which may well be renamed to Shame on Germany due to a number of scandals around it, met with Russia’s top diplomat Sergei Lavrov.
The meeting was held at the Metropol Hotel – coincidentally, the same site where in October 2018 someone secretly recorded conversations between Russian military intelligence operatives and Italian politicians with the Lega Nord. That recording has ultimately confirmed earlier allegations of the Italian party being funded by Moscow, through oil deals with the Italian energy company Eni, where tens of millions were being raised on discounts.
Incidentally, the AfD has a similar reputation as Lega Nord as a party fully supported by Russia. The visit to Moscow of party co-chairman Tino Chrupalla and their foreign policy expert Armin-Paulus Hampel, was clearly not about “opening a new chapter in relations between Russia and Germany,” as politicians claimed, but rather about coordinating financial issues.
It’s quite remarkable that the visit of this political force to Moscow was accompanied by yet another scandal involving an assassination attempt, namely, the poisoning of Alexei Navalny. That is, against the background of the traditional attempt by the Russian intelligence to get rid of the adversary through poisoning, a number of European politicians, whose native Germany has ultimately become Navalny’s salvation, were shaking hands with Lavrov in the Metropol…
Although, this is no surprise either – after all, AfD member Bjorn Hocke, for instance, considers the monuments to the “Holocaust” a “shame”, while the party’s founder Alexander Gauland calls on supporters to be proud of the successes of the Wehrmacht soldiers in both world wars. So some petty poisoning is nothing for them to consider seriously!
On the other hand, a similar manifestation of hypocrisy is being observed in Russia, where a Chechen terrorist Abdulakh Anzorov, who had slayed a French teacher, was buried just the other day with full honors with no condemnation of his crime in mainstream media.
As for France, we shouldn’t forget that ultra-right forces from the National Association (formerly known as National Front), led by Marine Le Pen, have long been acting in Russia’s interests and recently even strengthened their positions through the Yellow Vests campaign. Moreover, Marine Le Pen, unlike the leaders of Lega Nord and Alternative for Germany, doesn’t even hide the fact of being sponsored by the Russian Federation.
Doesn’t it look like the gradual formation of a new neo-Nazi coalition across Europe, under the Russian patronage? I believe it does… Indeed, Germany and France will start their election campaigns in 2021 and 2022, respectively, where Russian agents will undoubtedly meddle. This will be interference at all levels, from financing puppet parties, to direct meddling in the electoral process, which has already been practiced more than once.
Now we can’t bur recall a famous phrase of U.S. politician Huey Long, which is mistakenly attributed to Winston Churchill: “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag!”

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