Russia creating pretext for intervention in Karabakh conflict

Over the past few hours, I’ve been seeing the same kind of reports both in the Russian and Armenian Internet segments, claiming that clashes between Armenian border guards and Azerbaijani troops erupted on the border between Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.
In fact, it was quite expected that after the approach of the Azerbaijani Army toward the border with Armenia, the number of messages from Yerevan claiming Azerbaijan’s encroachment on the Armenian sovereign territory would increase by an order of magnitude. The purpose of such spins is as clear as a sunny day, but there is another hybrid – and very dangerous – element to this story.
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The thing is that Russian propagandists are starting to weave the so-called Turkish factor into the daily agenda with the same intensity as the narrative of Azerbaijani Army making attempts to invade Armenia.
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Let me remind you that earlier, the same platforms and media figures, including WarGonzo propagandist Semyon Pegov, reported of a 200-strong “Turkish subversive group” in Hadrut (What? Two hundred men in a recon unit?), then about at least 1,500 Turkish spec-ops mountaineers allegedly deployed in Karabakh. Also, literally the day before, through Pegov, Russians tried to drag the Turkish factor into the Khabarovsk protest. And now, the same outlet and its author are reporting that Erdogan is sending his special forces in to participate in battles on the territory of … Armenia!
Actually, to date, Russian propagandists, who have failed to provide any evidence of the Turkish military fighting on the side of the Azerbaijani army, keep trying to pull the Turkish factor into the conflict, since this would be the most promising reason for Russians not only to approve of Moscow’s intervention in the new Karabakh war, but also to accept reports fed to them about some kind of Turkish terrorists intending to “blow up” Russian cities.
Amid such media context, it is much easier to feed the major Russian audience of info fast food consumers the story that it wasn’t even the Azerbaijani savages but Turkish thugs who delivered an insidious missile blow on the Russian military camp in Kafan, which had been set up there just days before. Or that it was Turkish terrorists who sent a KamAZ loaded with explosives to a Russian military base in Gyumri.
The current media hype, both in the Russian and in the Armenian segment, is clearly provoked by panic among the security and political elites which are part of the clan that doesn’t want to lose control over Nagorno-Karabakh. But even in Russia, there is no consensus on whether the country should defend the proud “Artsakh” people, which isn’t mentioned in any international act.
Of course, Semyon Pegov’s fake stories about Turkish special forces and terrorists have grown boring, so any sane person should ignore them. But if a dozen of Russian soldiers dies in Kafan or Gyumri or if a nail-stuffed bomb sets off in Khabarovsk, thiings could change dramatically – as it was in Buinaksk and Volgodonsk, as it was with the villages of Prisi and Tamarasheni – as it’s always been whenever Russia needed a pretext.
The only thing that’s pleasing to my eyes is that today not all masterminds behind the Kremlin’s influence towers see the expediency of Moscow’s intervention in the Karabakh conflict. They are well aware that by introducing troops into the disputed region, under the pretext of Turkey’s intervention and the ephemeral threat to Armenia, Turkey could actually intervene, too. And this could be not only Turkey, which will entail more negative consequences. Therefore, the latest efforts by Russian propagandists may once again leave them in the verbiage camp, which has already happened many times before.
But anyway, forewarned means protected!

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