Russia could resort to provocation in Kazakhstan to maintain military presence in country

Today, since the very morning, I’ve been observing some unhealthy interest on the part of Russian propaganda talking heads deployed in Almaty to the biolaboratories located across this city.
Of course, knowing that since the mid-1990s Russia has been exploiting fake stories about U.S. biological labs s on the territory of the former Soviet republics, in which it claims biological weapons are allegedly being developed, to discredit these nations’ cooperation with America, I initially assumed that for Russian propagandists this could be a common travel routine. “Look, a biological laboratory right here in Almaty, what more proof do you need, right?”

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But, the problem is that the bloodthirsty war reporters, who’ve been well known to us since 2014 over their provocations in Donbas, literally whirl around the sites hosting the said biolabs, flooding the information space with an endless series of familiar boogeyman reports. That’s especially concering given that Russian propagandists earlier massively circulated disinformation on a possible chemical attack in Donbas, checking public readiness for this kind of casus belli.

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Actually, the question arises, why would they need this? Isn’t just a few reports enough? Why is there such close attention to precisely these objects with minimal security, which already suggests that they are of no interest to anyone and that there’s nothing critically important about them?
Путин и Шойгу.jpg
In my opinion, Russia’s focus on biological laboratories in Almaty is due to the fact that these facilities, with little physical security in place, could become targets of Russian provocations, which will offer Russia the opportunity to create a pretext for ensuring their permanent military presence in Kazakhstan.
When this provocation will take place is hard to say. It may be today, tomorrow, or in three days. The Russians have 10 days left to withdraw their contingent, which includes, besides military, quite a few experts in sabotage, of which I’ve repeatedly spoken in my interviews over the past week. In addition, Russia has its own pool of human assets in Kazakhstan , both agents of influence and combat-ready spec-ops troops, who can perform highly sensitive tasks.
Therefore, in my opinion, Kazakhstan’s security agency KNB should not only boost their attention to the sites appearing in reports by Russian propagandists such as Alexander Kots, Semyon Pegov, and others, but also make sure they keep a close eye on those “war journalists” scavenging across Almaty.
Just in case, you know…

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