Russia, a rogue terrorist state

Russia in 2020 has not steered away from its tradition of sowing chaos and violence around the world.
The year 2020 is coming to an end – the 7th year since the Russian Federation embarked on the path of a rogue state and stubbornly sticks to it, despite the heavy burden of economic and political sanctions. At the same time, not only did Russia pursued its destructive foreign and domestic policy to spite the rest of the world, it also turned its flaws and crimes the country’s main ideology, suggesting that people should for some reason be proud of it!

Over these seven years, Russia has retained its status of an occupying power, retaining control of the territories seized during the 2014 invasion of Ukraine, showing no interest in reaching settlement. Over these seven years, Russia has also significantly expanded the range of dictatorial regimes it supports politically, financially, as well as militarily.
In 2015, Russia officially eployed its troops to Syria to support the bloody dictator, Bashar al-Assad, who prior to that enjoyed support of Russian private military companies. After this test try in Syria, Moscow deployed mercenaries in Libya, CAR, Mozambique, and other countries. Russian thugs were also sent as far as Venezuela to back Nicolas Maduro’s regime.
Russia has become an assembly point for separatist movements and terrorist organizations. Separatist leaders and activist from all over the world hold regular meetings in Moscow, while Taliban terrorists are officially received at a high level.
But it’s not only political, financial and military support for bloody regimes, separatist movements and terrorist organizations that have become Russia’s distinctive and invariable feature.
Over the past years, including in 2020, Russian hackers who are part of special teams within intelligence agencies have gained worldwide notoriety: database hacking, election meddling, fake news spinning, and cybercrimes to fit any perverse taste.
Russian cyber terrorism now poses the same threat as Wagner PMC mercenaries or hitmen infiltrating the EU to assassinate dissenters upon Kremlin orders. And every year, the pattern remains unchanged: Skripals in Salisbury, Khangoshvili in Berlin, and Navalny in Russia. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of Russian security agencies’ involvement in contract killings.
Russia has not changed at all since the day it invaded Ukraine, but it hadn’t changed even before that. History of the past centuries shows that seeking global domination through terror and violence is Russia’s traditional way. And the only thing that could stop it in the endless cycle of sowing chaos around the globe is when it plunges into chaos, too.
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