Pro-Russian titushki in Minsk and the “opposition” that is seeing its light

More and more facts are being published in open sources confirming the nature of the protests in Minsk organized by a “third party”.
What a twist! It turns out that pro-Kremlin thugs are operating in Belarus, in line with the Crimea and Donbas scenarios! These are not my words – this comes from a comment by Belarusian opposition’s Anna Konapatskaya.
“A situation similar to the Crimean-Donetsk scenario is unfolding on in Belarus. Many people understand that pro-Russian thugs in Belarus sow chaos, attract opposition-minded youths to their illegal activity,” said Konapatskaya.

There are two categories of protest in Belarus, the politician explains: those involving civilians demanding democratic changes and those where thugs are handled by “pro-Russian, pro-Kremlin, oligarchic structures with Russian money.”
And honestly, four days into unrest in Belarus, this is the first opposition figure as I recall who spoke up, saying not everything is black and white about the ongoing protests. If even Belarus’ opposition starts talking about it, then, perhaps, my dear protest lovers, something’s wrong about your worship of controlled chaos?
Literally this morning, I published an op-ed on information war, focusing on capabilities of Telegram channels. There I noted that Belarus in this regard was really losing to its latent antagonist Russia. But, today, the Investigative Committee of Belarus on its Telegram channel (yes, they also have one) a video was published that clearly shows how Minsk protests are organized and who manages them. To some extent, this proves my suggestions voiced throughout this week are right.
It’s a shame though that this Telegram channel, while delivering an eye-opener on matters extremely inconvenient to protest participants and supporters, is far less popular than, say, NEXTA promoted by Russian patrons, replete with manipulation and fake stories, rather than sober and unbiased analysis. Or any other resource, designed and exploited solely in support of similar destructive projects.
Therefore, when they show on TV a tearful appeal by Belarusian women complaining about being branded “little punks”, “criminals”, and “Russian mercenaries” or how a dozen of female protesters march through the streets of Minsk, my question is why, when the night falls, these women are nowhere to be seen, while manipulated youths, provocateurs, mobsters, and hooligans, as well as their handlers and journalists with Russian security badges are out there.
Maybe it’s time to finally get rid of cheap emotional tricks, set aside all those talks of tolerance, and sit down to consider facts sticking out of a barrel about to poke someone’s eye out.

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