North America’s Desantura

Now scores of videos are being shared across social networks that captured the scenes of the crowd storming the Capitol in Washington, D.C. But it’s not even the events depicted on footage that are important, but the fact that cheers in Russian were heard here and there during the riot.
“Do it faster!”, “Come on, don’t be scared!” and so on…
I’m sure opponents will argue that Russian militants could not have possibly taken part in the riot. After all, this is the United States, right? Indeed, it would be unrealistic to deploy a couple of hundred attack troops from Ryazan to D.C., but there’s another point to highlight in this story.

These were no cannon fodder, but coordinators, primarily of the ANTIFA combat groups, which are funded from Russia and remain under control of Russia’s special services. As for the Russian cheers overheard in the crowd, this is an emotional factor. I know in my own practice that when emotion overwhelms me while I’m speaking English, some Ukrainian or Russian bits could slip in.
Also, we shouldn’t forget that the Russian intelligence is in a real close touch with the Russian community in the United States, many of whom for some reason harbor nostalgic memories for the beggarly life in the Soviet period. In addition, in recent years, the United States has witnessed a real boom in “Russian martial arts clubs” and associations of “paratroopers and special forces” of all types, the same “North America’s Desantura”.
Let me remind you that through such clubs and associations, Russian spies have long been operating in the EU. We could just recall the recruiting potential of the Sistema network.
That is, the violent action of a particularly reactive and radical part of the crowd were unambiguously orchestrated. And the “who is this bastard?” question is now mostly rhetorical.

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