Mel Gibson as an element of hybrid war against Azerbaijan

Today, Hollywood actor Mel Gibson publicly spoke up in a video message in support of the Armenian people in a rather controversial move since celebrities like Mr Gibson have armies of devoted fans – that’s despite multiple scandals they might have been embroiled in.
So those who probably have no idea what Nagorno-Karabakh (or Artsakh) is, could support and further spread their idol’s message.
Meanwhile, it should be noted that the stunt, just as many other elements of hybrid information war being waged against Azerbaijan, has a Russian trace to it. But we should roll far back, to 2003, to grasp the context.
It was in 2003 that Sergey Aslanyan, the beneficiary of MaximaTelecom, became Vice President of MTS cell operator thanks to the patronage of the TNK oil giant. In MTS, he was dealing with the IT infrastructure.

Two years later, he is engaged in the effort to implement the i-mode technology for adapting Internet content and services for mobile phones, with the allocation of $27 million for integration abroad. Despite all costs incurred and prospects looming, the idea suffered a fiasco so the chief of AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov sent the Armenian hustler, who had most likely siphoned off 99.9% of the project’s budget, off to Sitronix.
However, this didn’t make Aslanyan stumble. Having sealed a number of contracts for IT solutions at the Sochi Olympics, as well as an order for contactless cards for the Moscow Metro subway operator, as well as baggage accounting and check systems, he became part of Rostec.
Thanks to the Armenian man’s entrepreneurial spirit, RUB 26 billion mysteriously disappeared during production of some high-tech microcircuits, as well as at least $1 billion – on some kind of a “nano-village” project.
But, despite such investments, Sergey Aslanyan’s Sitronics vanished from the London Stock Exchange. Why? That’s because he never actually meant to “raise” any of his brainchildren, while investments were gone for good.
Then, Aslanyan moved on to siphon budget funds wherever he found possible. That’s until his curvy but lucrative path led him to Gazprom-Media, which took an enterprising Armenian on board thanks to his help in acquiring RTVi channel through his relative, Mikael Israelian. For RTVi, a posh presentation was set up in an LA-based Russian restaurant Romanov.
So, let’s see, who interviewed Mel Gibson to get his view on the ongoing conflict in Artsakh? Bingo! Of course, it was RTVi.
The end. Closing credits…
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