GRU guys keep playing their game in USA

Well, that was expected…
Certain Russian Telegram channels affiliated with the Russian military intelligence, colloquially known as the GRU, claim that after Donald Trump’s accounts were blocked on leading social networks, he moved to Telegram.
They refer to the channel, which has actually been created a long time ago and has been spinning finely targeted conspiracy theories mixed with real news from Trump’s tweets and the U.S. media.

At first, the fake spin about Trump’s Telegram channel was picked up from Russian platforms by KP in Ukraine and Russia’s Donbass Today online outlets.
And now it keeps spinning across Russian media of the same affiliation, long known for their blunt propaganda.
All this mess very much looks like it aims to legalize in the information field a certain platform, within the framework of yet another psy-op designed by the GRU.
And even if refutations will follow, explaining that this is not in fact “Donald Trump’s official account”, I am sure that tens of thousands will still follow it, being carried away by conspiracy theories and believing that this channel is being administered by some “advisor” really close to Trump.
This was exactly the case at the onset of QAnon.
GRU guys keep playing their game…

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