Another lie by Russian diplomacy: Cheap show over correspondence Germany, France

It’s normal for Russia to lie. Starting from the first day when Ukrainians took to the streets in the Maidan Square in 2013, Russian media began to spread distorted, manipulative, and openly false information about this protest movement. Subsequently, lies became the philosophy of the Russian media, experts, politicians, and officials.
Over the years of endless lies and manipulation, Russian officials have lied their way to the point that they simply can’t remember what they were talking about just yesterday.
As you know, the Russian Foreign Ministry recently “leaked” Sergei Lavrov’s correspondence with the diplomacy chiefs of France and Germany, allegedly in order to avoid distortions of Moscow’s position on the meeting of top diplomats in the Normandy format.
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I’d like to note right away that publications of this kind are seen, to put it mildly, as politically incorrect, since the correspondence is often confidential and this kind of publication puts foreign colleagues in an uncomfortable position, which is unacceptable! That is, roughly speaking, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the man with colossal diplomatic experience, deliberately took a step that contradicts the norms and rules of diplomacy as such.
His letter dated October 27, 2021, namely the excerpt published by the Russian Foreign, says about the need for careful preparation of the Normandy Four’s foreign ministerial.
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But the catch here is that, if you look at the original correspondence released on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, it has only the date and Lavrov’s signature in it. There is no registration number or seal certifying authenticity – nothing. Does this mean this is a normal thing in the Russian foreign ministry’s foreign correspondence?
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But let’s move on. Attached to the correspondence is a draft of what needs to be discussed during the meeting and what needs to happen in order to implement it. So, this three-page project lays down what we heard over the past few years – Ukraine must negotiate with the so-called “LPR” and “DPR,” sit down with them at the negotiating table, resume trade, and amend the Constitution … In general, it’s all about must-dos for Ukraine… There’s not a word about what the so-called “LPR” and “DPR” must do, let alone the real party to the conflict, which is Russia, the occupying power.
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So what are we discussing after all if they send you (if they ever did) these kinds of demands?
And now, let’s talk about Russia’s amnesia or, perhaps, sclerosis… I should recall Lavrov’s words of November 8, 2021, voiced almost two weeks after the letter was allegedly sent: “We do not need show-off performances … We will have nothing on November 11, and we’re not discussing any new dates.”
What is it if it’s not a direct refusal to participate in the discussion of the foreign ministerial in the Normandy format?
Russia in recent days suffered plenty of defeats. They were defeated in their effort to blackmail EU over energy and force the acceleration of Nord Stream 2 certification beyond the requirements of the European energy directives. They were efeated in a joint venture with Belarus to blackmail the EU through the manufactured migration crisis on the border with Poland. Russia continues to deny its role as party to the conflict in Donbas, although the international community unanimously and regularly reminds that Moscow is precisely the one.
Due to all these elements, as well as many others, where Russia’s position is seen as extremely weak and unstable, participating in such meetings would yield no benefit to Russia. Therefore, this whole circus show was invented with “correspondence,” which is more like an excuse for a bad student. This is the kind of justification Vladimir Putin delivered in his recent interview with the propaganda TV channel Russia 24, where he vowed Russia’s noninvolvement in the migration crisis on the Belarus border with Poland and that Russia was not a party to the conflict in Donbas.
In short, this is simply pathetic.

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